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Sessions & start time

GTE Manufacturers Challenge
Lobby 1 Start Time (CAT) Duration (Min) 
Invites 19:45 10
Drivers Briefing 19:55 5
Qualifying 20:00 10
Race 20:15 40
Top 3 Interview 20:55 5
Lobby 2  Start Time (CAT) Duration (Min) 
Invites 20:45 10
Drivers Briefing 20:55 5
Qualifying 21:00 10
Race 21:15 40
Top 3 Interview 21:55 5


Due to the Live Streaming Schedule, please can you honour these times so that we are able to create consistency throughout the championship. The Lobbies will be set up in advance before inviting the Broadcaster and Director in to assist in keeping to the scheduled time.

  • Round 1 – Bravo 20:00 (CAT)
  • Round 2 – Alpha 20:00 (CAT)
  • Round 3 – Bravo 20:00 (CAT)
  • Round 4 – Alpha 20:00 (CAT)
  • Round 5 – Bravo 20:00 (CAT)
  • Round 6 – Alpha 20:00 (CAT)
  • Round 7 – Bravo 20:00 (CAT)
  • Round 8 – Alpha 20:00 (CAT)

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Race Settings

  • Race: Equivalent 40 Minutes
  • Session start time: 14:00
  • Time progression: x10
  • Season: Summer
  • Weather slots: As per settings
    Qualifying will match the
    first weather slot
  • Start type: Manual Formation Lap
    (Excl 24 Hour Le Man)
  • Mandatory Pit stop: Yes ​​​​​​

Note: Depending on the number of drivers, the Bravo Tier and Charlie Tier will run on a promotion and relegation system (depending on the number of entries). The top 2 drivers from the Charlie Tier will move up to the Bravo Tier with the 2 bottom drivers in Bravo will be relegated to the Charlie Tier.

Point Allocation

Each lobby will be run as a separate Championship and Drivers will remain in that Lobby for the duration of the Championship.

Car Selection

This Championship is open to any GTE Classed vehicle. Tuning may be done on these cars.

Qualifying Procedure: Each driver will enter with the car they intend to drive for the remainder of the series. Each driver will have 3 opportunities to put in their fastest lap time. The average of the 3 times will be counted as their qualifying time.

The Livery reveals will be done on DISCORD once the Qualifiers have been done. A post will be put up on the DISCORD with all the available Liveries so the Livery Selection can be made easier. These will be logged and placed into a Spotters Guide.

Alpha Tier 1st, 2nd, and 3rd with the Bravo Tier 1st and 2nd Drivers are automatically qualified into the Alpha Tier.

Please note that you are able to enter as a team or as a privateer for this Championship.




Red Bull Ring


3 x 15 minute Slots

Weather: Clear

Race 1



Oulton Park International


25 Laps + 1 Formation Lap

Weather: Medium Cloud / Overcast

Race 2



Autrodromo Nazionale Monza


21 Laps + 1 Formation Lap

Weather: Light Cloud / Clear

Race 3



Le Man 24 Hour


10 Laps - Standing Start

Weather: Light Rain / Medium Cloud

Race 4



Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca


27 Laps + 1 Formation Lap

Weather: Clear / Overcast

Race 5



Autrodromo Nazionale Enzo E Dino Ferrari Imola


23 Laps + 1 Formation Lap

Weather: Overcast / Medium Cloud

Race 6



Hockenheim GP


21 Laps + 1 Formation Lap

Weather: Overcast / Light Rain

Race 7



Indianapolis Motor Speedway Road Course


27 Laps + 1 Formation Lap

Weather: Clear / Medium Cloud

Race 8



Donington Park GP


27 Laps + 1 Formation Lap

Weather: Light Rain / Clear

Realism Settings

  • Allow autostart engine: yes
  • Force interior view: no
  • Force driving line off: no
  • Force default setups: no
  • Force manual gears: yes
  • Force realistic driving aids: yes
  • Allow Anti-Lock brakes: yes
  • Allow Traction Control: yes
  • Allow Stability Control: N/A
  • Collisions: yes
  • Damage type: Full
  • Mechanical failure: yes
  • Allow ghosted vehicles: no
  • Force manual pitstops: yes
  • Pit stop errors: no
  • Tire wear: Authentic
  • Fuel depletion: yes
  • Force cool-down lap: no​​

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