We Race Project Cars 2

WHO WE ARE: South African Racing Community Online (SARCO), are a South African based online community. We race on Project Cars 2 and Assetto Corsa Competizione on the PS4 platform.

There are 3 races scheduled through the week, Monday evenings, Thursday evenings and Sunday afternoon with the Monday and Thursday races Live Streamed to our Youtube Channel so you able abe to get a full racing experience. Here we partake in fun, fair competitive racing. The competition is close but, we do it because we enjoy racing against each other and we do it with respect.

MISSION: Is to provide Online Drivers a place they can come and get a highly competitive, clean racing environment where drivers treat each other with respect, both on and off the track. 

VISION: To be the South African Online Racing Community of choice on Console. 

Affiliated Clubs

We are a South African based online racing group committed to providing a competitive racing platform with a focus on F1 Official Video Game publisher Codemasters. 

Our vision is to provide an environment with rules of engagement that advocates fair play for all who take part in our racing leagues.