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SARCO Guidlines

Drivers Etiquette

Passing maneuvers can lead to position changes, and drivers are sensitive to whether those position changes are fair. Passing is also where wheel-wheel action occurs and thus is the place where contact can easily happen. Contact can result in spins and broken cars, and in real life, drivers too. It is this thinking that we need to be judged on. Passing is where trust is built or destroyed, and trust makes racing more fun as well as supporting the camaraderie of the community that enjoy racing in it. Drivers are responsible to avoid physical contact between cars on the race track.

Drivers Etiquette

There may be times you have felt that you have been taken out. This can be highlighted to the race host and the incident will be shared with the Incident Committee.

Please ensure you provide video evidence so it can be investigated further. We do suggest dealing directly with the drivers involved, we do this for fun after all.

The Incident Committee is a 3rd Party Committee and has no direct link to SARCO. The ruling made will be done at their discretion.

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